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Randy Sonist Audio was founded in 2004 by Randy Bankert.

Randy was the original designer and creator of the Sonist loudspeakers, and fervently chased after his dream of affordable, high-efficiency loudspeakers for use with SET's.

Randy passed away in March of 2013, but lives on through his speakers and our memories.

For more about Randy, please click here - Randy's page.


Riggins Sonist Audio is located in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, right next to Hells Canyon, the deepest gorge on the North American continent.

The area is well known for it's abundance of wildlife, whitewater rafting, fishing, rivers, high mountain lakes and deep canyon gorges.

Quite honestly, one of the most beautiful places on earth!



Please feel free to contact us. Our email address is SonistAudio@gmail.com .. or you can write to us at

Sonist Audio
1311 S Main St
Riggins, Idaho 83549

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