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July 2015

Concerto 4 review ~ by Steve Hoffman

Newport 2014

The legendary Steve Hoffman, master engineer who's worked for MCA, Dunhill and other labels, recently borrowed a pair of Concerto 4s to have fun with and write a review on. Steve has been in the music industry for over 40 years, and has worked with the recordings of Buddy Holly, Bill Hailey, and John Coltrane to name a few. Here's a few snippets from his review:

"Great sound! Lifelike, sensitive, punchy when needed, natural, dynamic, realistic, Chameleon-like (a good thing). Whatever I played on the system sounded like it was supposed to (I know how it should sound very well) but it had even more. It had that holographic 3-D sound that comes from a pure single-ended low powered directly-heated triode amplifier, being faithfully reproduced by a speaker designed to do just that."

"The soundstage was tremendous. I felt I could reach out and touch the performers. A speaker that works with my Audio Note Jinro, WAVAC EC300b and Woo Audio low powered amps. A dream come true. I am impressed and happy. If YOU have a low powered single-ended amp and have been stuck with "horny" sounding speakers, try the CONCERTO 4. You will be quite impressed as to what it can do. Trust Steve."

For the full report plus pictures, click the link below
Concerto 4 review ~ July 2015
Steve Hoffman

April 24, 25 & 26 2015

Axpona 2015 Show Report ~ by Jason Victor Serinus

Axpona 2014

"the system sounded just lovely and color-rich"

"The system also acquitted itself quite well on a track from an old RCA Victrola compilation of Fritz Reiner conducting what Jonny delightfully called, "Music by Angry Russians." Thank you, Jonny. I needed that."

For the full report plus pictures, click the link below
Axpona 2015 - Show Report
Jason Victor Serinus ~ Stereophile

Newport 2014

October 10, 11 & 12, 2014

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Show Report
~ by Part Time Audiophile

RMAF 2014

"As to the sound? Deep and luscious. Air and full color. And that was just with the little Recitals"

"Quite frankly, this room was one of my favorites at the show."

For the full report plus pictures, click the link below
Part Time Audiophile - Show Report - RMAF 2014

RMAF 2014

RMAF 2014

July 2014

Concerto 4 Review ~ by Genungo
High Efficiency Speaker Asylum

You never know when you might happen upon a fellow audiophile. Genungo was traveling through the area, and happened to stop at an estate sale. Looking up, he saw our sign on the front of a nearby building, and had to come over for a visit. He not only got a factory tour, but a great listening session with the Concerto 4s. He later messaged us, and asked if it'd be ok to post a review he'd written on the Concerto 4s. Of course! Here's a few snippets.

"Instruments had truth of timbre, but also *body and guts*. Strings and vocals seemed especially realistic."

"these large floorstanders provided extended frequency response in both directions, but most importantly, they sounded realistic without ever sounded fatiguing or boring. This pleasing balance of realism and listenablity kept me focused on the music to an almost unprecedented degree"

For the full review, click the link below
Concerto 4 Review
Genungo ~ Showroom visit

May 30, 31 & June 1, 2014

Newport 2014 Show Report ~ by Part Time Audiophile

Newport 2014

"The Recital 2 is the first new Sonist Audio product since Randy's passing, and Wilson was beaming like a proud papa when he showed off these gleaming little speakers."

"I was startled enough by the depth of the bass that I double-checked that there wasn’t a sub in use."

For the full report plus pictures, click the link below
Part Time Audiophile - Show Report - Newport 2014

Introducing our newest product,
the Recital 2 bookshelf speaker!

Recital 2

Available mid-July
Contact us or your local audio dealer
for pre-order special pricing!!

NEW! Enjoy the Music.TV interviews Jonny Wilson


Steven R. Rochlin with Enjoy The Music.TV interviews Jonny Wilson about his audio companies, Sonist Audio and Snake River Audio

October 11, 12, & 13 2013
RMAF 2013 Show Report ~ by Part Time Audiophile

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2013

"The unspoken message is that no matter who your musical idols are, this system can handle 'em. I believe it."

"The system's ability to stomp came out on Ray Wylie Hubbard's "Snake Farm," which was declared the unofficial Snake River theme song. "Snake Farm - it just sounds nasty," sings Mr. Hubbard in his Texas drawl, but there was little here that could be called nasty, except in the best way possible."

For the full report plus pictures, click the link below
Part Time Audiophile - Show Report - RMAF 2013

October 11, 12, & 13 2013
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - Denver, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2013

We had an awesome time in Denver this year!!

Our system sounded phenomenal, and the room came together so nicely! The Border Patrol amps are some of our favorites and the Baetis worked exceptionally well, like usual. No video from this show (we literally were having so much fun, we forgot!). However, we did get some pictures of the setup. Beethoven or the Beatles?





October 11, 12, & 13 2013
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - Denver, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2013

We will be at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver this year!!

We will be showing in room 421 in the Atrium, directly across from the elevators. We've partnered up with Baetis Audio, Sonist Audio, and Border Patrol Amplifiers for this show (click their names to visit their webpages), and plan to have a hybrid mix of beautiful sounding tube equipment, along with high-resolution digital video and audio. Should be quite the show! Come stop in and see us!!

May 31 - June 2, 2013
T.H.E. Show - Newport

THE Newport Show

We had two rooms at Newport Beach this year!

In our first room, we were analog and tubed. We partnered up with deHavilland Electric Amplifier Company, Sonist Audio, and Pete Riggle Audio Engineering. (Click on their names to visit their websites!) Here are some of the pictures and reports from that room.

SoundStage! Global
by Garrett Hongo
(listening to a Tuck & Patti LP) .. "The impacts from Tuck's strumming and slaps on his hollow-bodied electric guitar strings came fast and had all the snap and harmonics of the real thing. And on the Hendrix classic "Castles Made of Sand," Patti's lush alto sounded the best I'd ever heard it."

Part-Time Audiophile
Parttime Newport
Parttime Newport

Positive Feedback Online
by Steve Lefkowicz
Positive Feedback Newport
Positive Feedback Newport
"Well, cables is what Snake River Audio does. So naturally the whole system (including the internal wiring of the speakers) was done in a variety of Snake River products. I was so lost in the sound of the music playing; I forgot to note what we listened to. It was beautiful."
Parttime Newport

Here a video from our room with Snake River Audio, deHavilland
Electric Amplifier Company and Pete Riggle at THE Show Newport Beach 2013

October 12,13, 14 2012
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - Denver, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012

Here's an AVShowrooms video from our room at RMAF

RMAF 2012
Dagogo Magazine nods
by Doug Schroeder
RMAF 2012 Dagogo

Some systems bring a stunning amount of sound quality far beyond expectation. Thus was the case with the Sonist Loudspeakers, Snake River Audio, and Increcable room.

RMAF 2012 Dagogo
This affordable rig highlighted the Increcable TIA-280 Tube Amplifier ($5.5K), a loom of Snake River Audio cables ranging from the Mamushi 1M RCA Interconnects ($1,849) to the Bi-Wire Cottonmouth Speaker Cables (3M/$2,499), and the Sonist Concerto 4 Loudspeaker ($5,895). Also in use were a Cary 306 Pro SACD/CD Player ($8K) and deHavilland Mercury Tube Preamplifier (est. $4.5K). Here was a system with cabling at the same price point as the speakers, but it was one of the most engaging among smaller tower speaker systems. The quality would likely be pleasing for even the most hard-core enthusiast.

RMAF 2012
Stereophile Magazine nods
by Jason Victor Serinus
RMAF 2012 Stereophile

Having heard at last Randy Bankert?s 97dB-sensitive Sonist Concerto 4 floorstanding loudspeakers ($5895) with electronics and cabling that do them justice, I understand what beautiful sound they are capable of producing. Together with Snake River Audio interconnects and speaker cable ($1100?$2449 for a 3m bi-wire pair of speaker cables), whose outer shell shimmers like a snake slithering in the sun, the Hong Kong sourced Increcable TIA-280 80Wpc integrated amplifier, and a Cary CAD-306 Pro SACD/CD player, this system produced solid bass and beautiful highs.

July 15,16,17 2012
Capital Audiofest - Washington D.C.

Capital Audiofest - Washington DC

Here's an AVShowrooms video from our room at Capital Audiofest