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Our Philosophy
The Why and How we do it

Sonist Audio speakers


Sonist Audio loudspeakers are designed and fabricated to remain faithful to the musical intent of the composer, conductor, arranger, performer and vocalist who created the music embodied in the recording

Designer Goal

Sonist Audio loudspeakers are designed to work well with low-powered single-ended directly heated triode amplifiers, such as 45, 2A3, 300B, PX25, 845, GM70, 6C33B, and single-ended EL84, EL34, and KT88, and also work well with push-pull tube and solid state amplifiers. Minimum 2 watts, maximum 200 watts.


Sonist Audio loudspeakers create a deep and transparent soundstage with excellent stereo imaging and wide dynamic range, expressing the nuance and emotion of the performance in an involving way with natural tonality and lifelike presentation.