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Randy Bankert

About our founder, Randy Bankert


Sonist Audio was founded in 2004 by Randy Bankert.

Randy was the original designer and creator of the Sonist loudspeakers, and fervently chased after his dream of affordable, high-efficiency loudspeakers for use with SET's.



We'll have more about Randy and his life here soon. Please check back.


"Randy Bankert Memorial Edition"
finish on Sonist Audio speakers


Randy was a fan of many things. However, two of his all-time favorites were good scotch and good cigars.

As a tribute to Randy, we've released the "Randy Bankert Memorial Edition" finish on our speakers. The color is in a 'cigar' or 'tobacco' brown color, and turned out absolutely beautiful.

Originally, we had planned on only releasing a limited number in this finish. However, it has become so popular that we have continued the finish indefinitely.

We certainly hope that Randy is getting a chuckle out of this.



Randy passed away in March of 2013 at the young age of 65, but lives on through his speakers and our memories.


Randy wrote and composed his own music. Please enjoy the following tracks. These are recordings of Randy playing music that he wrote himself, and recorded with friend Ken Goerres in Studio City, California. There are two songs, and two movie soundtracks.

Randy Bankert - Song #1

Randy Bankert - Song #2

Randy Bankert - Soundtrack #1

Randy Bankert - Soundtrack #2