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el Maestro bi-wire speaker cables

We have designed the "el Maestro" bi-wire cables exactly for your Sonist Audio speakers. These cables are true bi-wire, in a shotgun configuration, with a split immediately on the amp end. Four conductor wires travel the entire length of the cable, where one pair is connected to the top speaker posts, and the other pair are connected to the bottom. What makes these cables unique, is that the wiring configuration inside the cables, is EXACTLY THE SAME as the wiring inside of the speaker. Talk about synergy! Now your signal goes through the exact same wiring, all the way from the amp terminals, clear to the speaker drivers themselves.

While both PAIRS of wires are made with pure 24k gold, and pure .999 silver, and they match what's inside the speaker, they are NOT the same! The different components of bi-wire-able speakers have different needs, right? So why would you wire them all the same then? Otherwise, what's the point of bi-wiring? So, the tweeter pair of conductors are made with more gold to tame that super fast ribbon tweeter in the Sonist speakers. Meanwhile, the main drivers get more silver in their recipe, to tighten up that bass, making it clean and punchy. And we will not chince or compromise quality when it comes to our products. A three meter pair of "el Maestro" bi-wire cables contains OVER 550 FEET of precious metal wiring, and take an astounding 14 hours to build.

We use WBT gold and silver angled banana connectors for the Sonist speaker ends, and can put either spades or bananas on the amp end.

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Price $1795 for a 3-meter pair