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Concerto 4
[Sonist Audio - Concerto 4]

Hi from Thailand I never had a chance to own one of these marvellous speakers , but i listened to them quite often as the record store close to my office use them . they are worth every dime you spent . At the first glance i thought it was a pair of vintage Diatone. please understand the fact that i've never seen any of them before ,No distributor in Thailand either . if my eyes don't deceived These big speakers are the same of my speakers ( slightly thicker but much shorter actually ) but deliver the sound twice of mine . They don't require bigger watts to drive to achieve massive sound stage , deep base , impressive height , warm and welcoming mid range. outcome may vary due to the songs you listened and I don't have any ambition to be a pro-reviewer either .I am just a regular guy who enjoy the array of music ranging from African World Music to Hendrix . and these speakers could deliver impressive at ease . Don't forget that the pair i listened to are in a records store selling mostly MoFI products --very pricey indeed in the country where most people earn less than 30 dollars a day . if Concerto 4 couldn't deliver the best sound , the deal would never be done !
Date Added: 11/28/2017 by Adis c.